How does Stay Young Anti Aging Cream Energy Work?

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What we know.

We have already discussed about Stay Young Anti Aging Cream. We have understood the key ingredients of the product. We have a good idea about how those essential oils have an impact on the skin. If you have missed it, Click Here.

From here, we will understand the other dimensions of how Stay Young can deliver results in the form of energy medicine. We will know how the energy will work on us and how effective it can be.

Basic understandings.

We will understand what are the energies of blending those essential oils and how they have a mixed effect on the skin. How the blend works so well in a combined form. But before we proceed further, if will be great if your have read this blog about Energy. With a better understanding of the background, this article will be better understood.

Essential Oils Energy.

The Energy of essential oils is unique. Every individual essential oil has is own blend of various energy forms. That is why usually one essential oil can be used in various ways. Thus we will speak of the combined energy effect of the Stay Young Anti Aging Cream.


Means that one pattern of energy known as prana is responsible for disintegrating dirty diseased energy that is present in our skin cells. That kind of energy may have come to us due to exposure to dirt, dust or other physical factors. Now this prana disintegrates all such kind of negative energies and help clean the skin from deep within.


One of the main factors for the birth of aging signs. These can be stress, constant strain to facial organs. This energy is usually stored with time passing though other gateways of the energy body. These gateways are also called chakras. There is a different prana that is responsible for removal and cleansing of psychological energies from our body.


Inhibiting means size reduction. This means there is one form of prana that ensures reducing the size of cells. This promotes auto expelling of dirty diseased energy and preventing the skin cells from incoming negative energies. Physically understanding, the cells get less exposed to storage of dirt and radiation. 

General Overview.

With regular use of Stay Young Anti Aging Cream, the cream will disintegrate all used up and negative energies within the skin. This will have a cleansing effect on the skin. Secondly, it ensures normalizing the size of cells and pores to expel all the aging elements and to prevent further damage. Lastly, it also works on the psychological factors of aging and thus heals the skin on all levels.

This does not mean, the rating of healing the skin from aging will be same for all ages. It means that, with early prevention aging signs can be delayed to a great extent. Start using today.

Note: The explanations are based on the oil quality we use. We do not address these features for other grades or other brands.

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