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Pranic Healing in its literal sense is known as an ancient science and art of energy healing. Coming from the two words of Prana meaning chi, energy or life force and healing, Pranic Healing utilizes Prana to improve a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. It was developed and introduced in 1987 after extensive research and validation by Master Choa Kok Sui through the publication of a book called “The Ancient Science and art of Pranic Healing.”


Being a science signifies that Pranic Healing is developed based on techniques and principles that could be learnt, studied, experimented and validated. It is based upon two major principles, known as the Principle of Self Recovery and the Principle of Life Energy. The principle of Self Recovery means that the body in general, is capable of healing and normalizing itself; however increasing the life energy of the body can accelerate this natural healing process of the body. Prana is basically the energy that keeps the body alive and healthy; increasing Prana therefore brings about an accelerated rate of healing.

Study of Gateways

As some of the chakras have been long known as the gateways towards higher levels of consciousness such as the Crown chakra, some other chakras are anchors of material life including the Basic chakra. While the Heart chakra is the source of happiness, peace and compassion in life, activation of the Throat chakra brings about higher degree of creativity and intelligence. Knowing the subtle bodies, the chakras and their functions and how to control them in our daily life, gives us the ability to manage life in a better and more effective way.

How Does it Work?

Pranic Healing corrects imbalances in the body’s energy field and transfers life force to the patient. This life force can also be characterized as universal energy; it is not the healer’s energy. Trained Pranic Healers access and transmit universal energy to the patient using specific frequencies and techniques for specific diseases and conditions
Pranic Healing is done without touching.
Pranic Healing is a three step process that substantially accelerates the body’s innate ability to heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

  • Checking – Scanning for energy abnormalities
  • Cleansing – Removing energy abnormalities: used to remove dirty or diseased energy in the body and to eradicate blockages in the energy channels
  • Replenishing and revitalizing with life force- Energizing: the transference of fresh ‘prana’ or life energy to the body and is applied once the cleansing process is completed.To give an example, when we cut our fingers or bruise our legs, our body automatically takes the necessary steps to prevent blood loss and repair the damaged tissues. Our bodies are constantly exposed to a variety of toxins, chemicals and pollutants from the environments we live in but our ‘in-built’ defense system fights of all these germs and protects us.   When we are healthy and happy, we feel all charged up and are full of energy. When we are sick or upset, we feel down or drained out. In other words, a healthy body has an abundance of prana while a sick or dis-eased body is low on prana. The healing process of an individual is accelerated by increasing the prana life force in them which is readily available from the sun, air and earth.



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