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Bright Eye | Dark Circles | 8gm


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Dark circles, eye bags and other under eye problems are usually aging signs. However, due to exhaustive life style, these signs appear early in age. With regular eye exercising and maintenance, these signs can be fought. Tree of Life’s Bright Eye Cream bags miraculous results in fighting the aging signs of eye and under eye areas. Packed with potent essential oils, bright eye cream has delivered its promises. With regular use, great changes can be noticed.

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Weight 30 g
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Bright Eye for under eye cream benefits dark circles  in a miraculous way. Perfected and blended with one of the most potent essential oils like Clove, Frankincense, Vitamin E and many more. Hence its the perfect ratio of blending that does the magic. However, let’s first understand the reasons for Dark Circles. On the other hand using products, we also need to change a few things in our lives.

Reasons for under eye dark circles.

Blue Light Effect: Our lives has a great impact of Blue Light. This blue light is a product of mobile screens, television, and other color screen based tech. With constant working on such devices can seriously affect our eyes. As a result, loss of water, dryness  and itching tend to happen. It is advised to use it with proper breaks. Additionally use proper lenses for better protection.

Insomnia: This is one of the major reasons for ill eye effects. One of the reasons of insomnia is also blue light. However, sometimes stress and other health problems can also result in insomnia. The best way to fight is to meditate, exercising and other relaxing methods. This will give time for our eyes to heal naturally.

Pigmentation Irregularities: Other major reason can be pigmentation irregularities. These under eye pigmentation irregularities can be due to improper blood flow, over exposure, etc. In addition, Try using this with Bright Eye Under Eye Cream for better benefits.

Bright Eye Cream benefits.

  • Clove oil improves blood circulation.
  • Vitamin E oil nourishes the tender skin areas.
  • Frankincense oil and clove work together for dark circles.
  • A complete herbal formulation.
  • No added colors, fragrances or preservatives.

Clean the under eye area and use it twice a day. Minimise exposure to sun or dust immediately after application. A slight tingling sensation can be experienced after application. Besides, there’s nothing to worry as it is boosting blood circulation there. Leave it overnight and wash it off if needed. To know more click here.

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