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Sleep Care

Unlike other sleep inducing medicines, Sleep Care is a topical application product. It is the first in its kind with no chemicals, drugs or artificial scents within it. It is made up based on the sciences of aromatherapy and topical healings to reduce stress and induce natural sleep.
Blend has a very potent grade of lavender essential oil, beeswax and other muscle relaxing oils. This formula ensures real sleep with application on indicated areas regularly.



Sleep Care as we know is one of its kind. Not much products are capable of inducing natural sleep. This balm helps you in shifting your stressed mood to peaceful sleep. Daily life stress, tensions, anxiety etc can be evacuated by using this balm and can be a solution to your insomnia problem. Lavender aroma has great relaxing effects and lifts up mood. Other essential oils helps improve blood circulation in the brain improving sleep quality.

How to use

Take a pinch of Tree of Life’s Sleep care and apply it on both temples and behind the ears. Apply some of it on the forehead for stronger effects. Simply close your eyes and inhale the aroma and try to relax. With regular use of it, soon you will develop deeper sleeps and fresher mornings. Also do read our blog on how to use it better and many more info.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 cm


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  1. Tree of Life Group

    One of the most potent products what works topical application.

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