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What is Energy?

Energy is not something that can be addressed with limited understandings of science. Rather I would say, science has yet a lot to address with open minds. For now let us try to understand this in a simpler way. Spiritually addressing, energy are small look alike bundles of light that is present all over the physical existence. Spiritual experts can see this energy with naked eye. However, there is a lot of scientific research to be done in this field. This does not mean doubting on the existence of energy. Rather, with further research, science will have higher understanding of the behaviors of the physical world and the dark matter coreelevance.

What Science says?

Connoisseurs of Meta physics, researchers, and quantum scientists agree that there is a string theory existing. This theory explains the basic nature and composition of the physical world. The string theory explains how an array of vibrating elements form a ray of light.  These strings are of many types and purposes. Some may emit some color, some may emit other. This color defines the properties of the strings. 

Connection between Energy and Material World.

Now there can be confusion. That is atoms and strings can be the same. NO!! Strings are the instruction set to atoms for a lattice behavior. This means, the physical world is purely governed by these energies which is called string theory in science. If we get back to the spirituality, we will know how the behaviors of energies are addressed in a hidden manner. How these energies affect us and how can we be using it to our benefit. In other words, the science dealing with such study is called occult. Occult literally means hidden science. This is a purely spiritual energy. This energy is governed and directed by higher consciousness which we call as god. Pranic Healing science has been the most advanced science that teaches the most deepest dimensions of Energy. 

Energy in our Products.

Getting back to our point. Products that we deliver are researched doubly. This means we have a backed study of the behavior of essential oils on various scientific iterations. Secondly, we also address the spiritual energy of the composition to our benefit. This means we have descent knowledge of the energies in the essential oils. Also we address the behavior of our products based on the composition as a whole.

Based on both the researchers, we conclude the composition of the product. Hence we are doubly sure of the healing effects. 

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